• Comprehensive Discovery & Inventory Physical, Virtual, Cloud Platforms
    Agentless, Rapid Collection of IT Infrastructure Inventory, Configuration and Utilization
  • IT Security Checks and Infrastructure Health Maintenance
    Minimize Downtime Risk and Maintain Peak Performance
  • Smart Server and Data Center Consolidation
    Reduce Energy Consumption & Equipment Footprints and Lower Operating Costs
  • Easy Software License Audits and Smart Virtualization Planning
    Reduce Unauthorized Software Risks and Reduce On-going Costs




ISI Snapshot Overview

Snapshot is a "light-weight and portable" application for the collection of hardware and software configuration data.  It offers an integrated data repository along with collection libraries designed to provide a complete view of physical, virtual and cloud IT infrastructures with export functionality for common desktop environments.

It uses credentials and read-only O/S level commands to collect data (no foreign code is installed on the target host/device nor is anything written or cached there).

Snapshot has never taken down a server or application or had an adverse effect on the network infrastructure.

Snapshot provides inventory and configuration support across the enterprise-regardless of size-for servers and their peripheral devices such as host bus adaptors, storage devices, network infrastructure devices.



Data Collection

  • Discovery

  • Credential Inventory

  • Utilization

  • File Search

SnapReports (Data Analytics & Reporting)

  • Designed and built by ISI as a "point & click" analytics and reporting platform.

  • Retrieves data collected during discovery and inventory providing customizable view/tables, visualizations, filtering and data exports without the need for custom development.

  • Complete reporting, analysis and visualization for configuration and utilization data.

Run Compare (Change Analysis and Reports)

  • Utility which displays data elements from different inventory runs within the database allowing for a comparative analysis of the device configuration.

  • Configure comparison to identify changes in configuration over time.

  • Server consolidation analytics.

  • Automated deliverables for actionable results.

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Key Enhancements in Snapshot Release

  • Support for 64 bit Windows Operating Systems

  • Companion database upgrade to SQL2008 Express

  • Replacement of Snapshot Licensing Application with easier web-based activation software

  • Additional support for different date formats

  • vSphere collection and reporting module enhancements