• Comprehensive Discovery & Inventory ­— Physical, Virtual, Cloud Platforms
    Agentless, Rapid Collection of IT Infrastructure Inventory, Configuration and Utilization
  • IT Security Checks and Infrastructure Health Maintenance
    Minimize Downtime Risk and Maintain Peak Performance
  • Smart Server and Data Center Consolidation
    Reduce Energy Consumption & Equipment Footprints and Lower Operating Costs
  • Easy Software License Audits and Smart Virtualization Planning
    Reduce Unauthorized Software Risks and Reduce On-going Costs





ISISCon (ISI Server/Desktop Consolidation Software Suite) is a web-enabled application that combines the data collection capabilities of ISI Snapshot with a series of software modules designed to analyze, model, design, plan and document user defined server consolidation studies on physical, virtual or cloud IT platforms or migration between these environments. ISISCon supports server optimization studies regardless of the virtualization technology being evaluated or deployed, e.g. VMware, HyperV, Citrix, etc.

Partners working with clients across all industries have been able to consolidate servers by up to 95%. Clients are amazed to learn that most companies have underutilized servers; typically only 10% of servers are working at maximum capacity. Our partners have helped companies realize significant savings from the costs associated with underutilized servers, including software licenses, energy costs, lease costs and maintenance costs.

ISISCon can easily fit into the product suites of any virtualization vendor as powerful " Your Company Capacity Planner".  ISISCon can be leveraged as a data collection application for other products requiring configuration and dependency data.

ISISCon's benefits include:

  • Hypervisor independent

  • Fexible, user driven

  • Easy modeling of P2P, P2V, P2C or V2C

  • Web-enabled

  • Reduce server costs

  • Reduce virtualization software costs

  • Increase storage utilization

  • Reduce energy and floor space costs

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ISIScon Software Modules

ISISCon has been used for consolidation projects ranging from <100 servers to over 4000 servers.  ISISCon software modules addresses each stage of analysis, modeling, designing, planning and document for detailed user defined server consolidation studies on physical, virtual or cloud IT platforms or migration between these environments. ISISCon's software modules include:

Workload Inventory

A secure Snapshot database upload function that populates the ISISCon™ database.

Workload Selection

Enables the user to select the workloads to be evaluated by ISISCon™. The user may select all of the workloads or a subset depending on the projects goals. This flexibility enables the user to evaluate different workload scenarios.

Candidate Selection

ISISCon assigns a Factored Score to each workload based on four (4) utilization metrics; the CPU, RAM, Network interface(s) and Disk I/O. This score, combined with user definable weighted values, is then used by the Candidate Selection module to identify which workloads are candidates for consolidation. The output of this module is an Excel spreadsheet that shows which workloads are selected ("Included") for modeling, which workloads are "Excluded" from modeling and the utilization values and Factored Score for each.

Host Modeling

Models the "Included" candidates onto a target consolidation server(s). This module allows the user to define the configuration of the target server including the CPU speed, the number of CPUs, the number of cores, RAM, their utilization goals and the efficiency of the virtualization software. The output of this module is a list of virtualization servers and the workloads assigned to each.

Disk Modeling

Models the amount of disk required to support the consolidation including sizing and mapping the VMDKs to disk volumes. This module allows the user to specify various disk-sizing parameters, such as, minimum VMDK size, allocated Free Space, Snapshot space, and virtualization kernel requirements. The output of this module includes anticipated disk utilization in I/Os per second and MB/sec, a summary diagram of the disk requirements from the perspective of Data, Free, Kernel, etc... In addition, an Excel spreadsheet is created that shows the VMDK assignments, VMDK size and Volume allocation.

Documentation Generator

Captures the data and reports created by preceding modules and generates a Microsoft Word formatted report. The content and layout of this report is defined by the user through creation of a report template document. The user can select from over 40 pre-built charts, tables and graphs to populate the template. This template may be unique to a specific project or a generic template that may be used for multiple projects. The output of this module is a Word document that contains text, charts, graphs, spreadsheets, etc..., that are unique to the current project.

ISISConTM Functional Overview