• Comprehensive Discovery & Inventory Physical, Virtual, Cloud Platforms
    Agentless, Rapid Collection of IT Infrastructure Inventory, Configuration and Utilization
  • IT Security Checks and Infrastructure Health Maintenance
    Minimize Downtime Risk and Maintain Peak Performance
  • Smart Server and Data Center Consolidation
    Reduce Energy Consumption & Equipment Footprints and Lower Operating Costs
  • Easy Software License Audits and Smart Virtualization Planning
    Reduce Unauthorized Software Risks and Reduce On-going Costs

Global Partner Program

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At Infrastructure Solutions, Inc. (ISI), we support and provide the resources to help our channel partners deliver excellent results to their customers and generate additional revenue. Our channel partners are established and reputable IT service, solution and product providers that help clients and serve markets located all over the world.

Our partners use their technology expertise and our leading discovery and inventory software applications to provide sophisticated cloud, virtualization and consolidation solutions; to provide hosting, managed services and internet services; to provide commercial software, hardware and storage solutions; and to maintain and monitor complex IT environments for clients ranging from private companies to large enterprise organizations in the private and public sectors.

At ISI, we understand the universal importance of reliable performance in delivering solutions and products to meet client needs, while keeping clients' IT systems running and supporting their businesses applications. We provide our partners the tools to help them build client credibility and improve their reputation as experts in their markets.


As a discovery and inventory software application suite, Snapshot, has earned a reputation for trusted performance, accuracy, and reliability. Snapshot provides comprehensive discovery and inventory of complex IT environments (physical, virtual, cloud), including all network hardware components (e.g. SAN switches, storage arrays, routers and switches), operating systems, infrastructure interdependencies, network device configurations, network traffic flow patterns, and software application workloads and dependencies.

Our partners (and their customers) trust Snapshot's proven reliability and powerful capabilities to provide end to end IT environment visibility with its safe, read-only, agentless, holistic, multi-threaded approach to discovery and inventory that avoids the risk of missing a device(s), and the risk of incomplete application dependency mapping that could cause major outages and put data center initiatives at risk.

Comments on Snapshot's primary benefits and selling points from a customer: Accuracy, Cost, Footprint and Speed.

"Accurate performance with the lowest cost per asset that I have found thus far. The software has virtually no footprint on the hardware or network but still delivers the fastest data return I have seen."

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 Data Center Optimizer

Data Center Optimizer is designed to aid corporate executives in reducing overall data center costs while maintaining or improving performance.  It starts by taking a snapshot of the data center to obtain a baseline of current operations.  The snapshot is passed through the Data Center Optimizer heat map to assess server, memory and storage utilization, and to determine opportunities for the improved performance and consolidation.  It can also provide guidance in the areas of network and infrastructure based on data from hundreds of runs and thousands of data points.

A review of the data center operating environment is conducted including physical, virtual, cloud, or a combination of these platforms.  The data is analyzed to determine what steps can be taken to reduce costs and improve operating efficiency.  For example, it shows where CPUs for servers are under-provisioned, over-provisioned, or operating within desired parameters along with RAM allocation levels.

In many cases alternative recommendations are provided to address the inefficiencies on affected systems. While this analysis is able to identify specific bottlenecks and over-provisions, companies must take in to account the fact the changes to one or more configuration settings will have a cascading effect on other parameters.  Data Center Optimized has the flexibility to try multiple scenarios to increase the chances of achieving maximum efficiency while keeping business critical applications running smoothly.

The benefit to IT professionals is that they will move from just making recommendations to actually having the tools and data to create step-by-step tactical plans to achieve the goals they recommend.

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ISISCon (ISI Server/Desktop Consolidation Software Suite) is a web-enabled application that combines the data collection capabilities of ISI Snapshot with a series of software modules designed to analyze, model, design, plan and document user defined server consolidation studies on physical, virtual or cloud IT or migration between these environments.  ISISCon supports server optimization studies regardless of the virtualization technology being evaluated or deployed, e.g. VMware, HyperV, Citrix, etc.

Our partners have used ISISCon successfully to help their public and private sector clients with complex IT performance optimization and have saved them hundreds of thousands of dollars.  Industries where Snapshot and ISIScon have been successfully for clients include the following industries: Government, Education, Financial Services, Banking, Insurance, Healthcare, Pharmaceuticals, Retail, Consumer Products, Automotive, Professional Services, Energy, IT Services, and Transportation. 

Partners working with clients across all industries have been able to consolidate servers by up to 95%. Clients are amazed to learn that most companies have underutilized servers; typically only 10% of servers are working at maximum capacity. Our partners have helped companies realize significant savings from the costs associated with underutilized servers, including software licenses, energy costs, lease costs and maintenance costs.

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Marketing and Sales Support

ISI has a strategic alliance with all its channel partners, since ISI's channel partners around the world are its business partners. To assist our channel partners in their on-going marketing and sales efforts, ISI provides engaging MS PowerPoint presentations, graphics and other marketing materials for Snapshot's and ISISCon's competitive advantages and features that channel partners can incorporate into their own sales presentations, advertising and lead generation programs.

In addition, when ISI receives a business lead or inquiry in a channel partner's territory, ISI will hand this business opportunity over to our channel partner. ISI will provide detailed lead information and contact information to our channel partner, and also provide a warm introduction to hand off the business lead contact to our channel partner.

Training and Support

ISI provides in depth training and continuing support for our Snapshot Product Suite and ISISCon Software Suite for our channel partners. Our partners are fully trained to be able to successfully deploy both Snapshot's full range of powerful discovery, inventory and reporting features, and ISISCon's smart server consolidation software features, and to be able to implement future product feature enhancements and updates. Our knowledgeable staff can easily train your staff on Snapshot's and ISICon's easy to use features via webex. In addition, Snapshot and ISISCon technical support is provided to our channel partners to resolve all questions quickly and professionally.

To find out more information about how to become an ISI channel partner for Snapshot or ISISCon, or to request a Snapshot or ISISCon demo via webex, please contact us at sales@isiisi.com.