• Comprehensive Discovery & Inventory ­— Physical, Virtual, Cloud Platforms
    Agentless, Rapid Collection of IT Infrastructure Inventory, Configuration and Utilization
  • IT Security Checks and Infrastructure Health Maintenance
    Minimize Downtime Risk and Maintain Peak Performance
  • Smart Server and Data Center Consolidation
    Reduce Energy Consumption & Equipment Footprints and Lower Operating Costs
  • Easy Software License Audits and Smart Virtualization Planning
    Reduce Unauthorized Software Risks and Reduce On-going Costs


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ISI Press Releases


March 27, 2014
ISI Announces Snapshot/Process Security Engine Software Discovers Thousands of Discontinued Servers Still Running on Client's IT Infrastructure


February 28, 2014
ISI Announces Snapshot/Process Security Engine Software Detects Major Security Risk in Client's IT Infrastructure


February 27, 2014
ISI Announces Snapshot/Process Security Engine - Software for Continuous IT Infrastructure Change and Security Surveillance


January 30, 2014
ISI Announces the Availability of Pipeline Builder for Domestic and International Partners


December 30, 2013
ISI Announces a Distribution Agreement with ISI Nordics


December 1, 2013
ISI Announces Buyout of QIT's Holding in ISI


November 29, 2013
ISI Snapshot Software Gains G-Cloud Status in UK


October 31, 2013
Infrastructure Solutions (ISI) Announces the Addition of a Server Consolidation to IBM System Z Capability


October 30, 2013
Infrastructure Solutions Announces Availability of Strategic Insight -  Analytical Data Center Planning and Operating Cost Reduction Resources


August 31, 2013
ISI and WinterGreen Research Announce StrategyCore K.K. Will Distribute Data Center Optimizer in Asia Starting in September 2013

July 31, 2013
ISI and WinterGreen Research Announce The Addition of BIT Analyst Group to The Industry Analyst Alliance Program

July 31, 2013
ISI Announces The Formation of the Industry Analyst Alliance Program for Independent IT Professional in July 2013

June 29, 2013
ISI Announces the Release of a White Paper on Virtualization Impact Assessment with a Prominent University

May 30, 2013
ISI Announces the Release of Virtual Desktop Analysis Reports in Snapshot Version 8.0

May 29, 2013
ISI Announces the Availability of the ISI Executive Dashboard, Top-Level Reporting on the Health and Efficiency of Corporate Data Centers

April 29, 2013
ISI Announces Availability of Strategic Insight in Partnership with WinterGreen Research, Inc. and the GreenWay Collaborative

March 27, 2013
ISI Announces April 2013 Release of Snapshot Version 8.0 to Support 64 bit Operating Systems

January 31, 2013
ISI Announces Partnership with WinterGreen Research to Provide Data Center Operators with Assessments and Action Plans for Reducing IT and Energy Inefficiencies

December 29, 2012
ISI Announces Launch of ISI Europe Limited in the United Kingdom to Drive European Sales and Operations

December 17, 2012
ISI Announces the Launch of the Web-Based Channel Partner Support Library

November 30, 2012
ISI Announces New Release of Snapshot Software with Simplified Initialization and Increased Database Connectivity Logic

October 30, 2012
ISI Snapshot Detects Serious Customer Security Breach

October 23, 2012
ISI Announces Addition of RSM Partners as a Strategic Business Partner in UK

August 30, 2012
ISI Premier Partner Uses Snapshot to Detect Serious Customer Security Breach

May 30, 2012
International Retailer Uses ISI Snapshot for Remote Application License Compliance Audit of 25,000 Machines in 35 Countries

March 29, 2012
ISI Releases Snapshot Version 7.5 to Support New Version of vSphere

February 27, 2012
ISI Introduces Snapshot Software Suite, the Essential IT Managed Services Toolkit for Planning, Management, Maintenance, and Disaster Recover

January 26, 2012
ISI Snapshot’s Expanded Data Export Formats Offers Simplified Integration of Infrastructure Changes into Business Management and Disaster Recovery Processes

December 29, 2011
ISI Announced Snapshot’s New Automatic Inventory Change Detection Capability
ISI Snapshot Run Compare Screenshots (PDF)

November 29, 2011
ISI Announced Expansion of US Channel Partners

September 26, 2011
ISI Announced Fall Road Show to Expand Channel Partner Relationships in Europe

August 8, 2011
ISI Snapshot Provides Cisco Readiness Monitoring for IPv6

June 23, 2011
ISI Releases Snapshot Version 7.4 with Large Configuration Features