Cloud Migration Service Providers: Snapshot May Be Your Next Rainmaker

The world is transitioning to the cloud—in an ongoing flurry of migrations and accompanying services. If your company offers, or is interested in offering, cloud migration services, you may be interested to know that you can easily add hundreds of thousands in annual revenue through the Infrastructure Solutions, Inc. (ISI) Global Partner Program.

Snapshot is a discovery and inventory application suite, proven in the marketplace with partners such as IBM, Cisco, and Dell. Together, ISI and Snapshot are a natural fit for established and trusted firms delivering IT services, solutions, and products.

How Do ISI Partners Increase Revenues?

ISI offers partners three ways to notably increase their revenues:

  • Software licensing: The partner keeps up to 45% of the revenue from licensing Snapshot.
  • Consulting: The partners earn revenues for services for implementing Snapshot. You can go solo (ISI will train your team), or we can do the implementation and split the revenue.
  • Sale of cloud services

You can opt for just software licensing or just consulting or for some combination of both options. Either way, you’ll bring enhanced cloud migration to your clients and additional revenue to your firm’s bottom line. Partners can earn up to a 45% margin, and even our small firm partners, for example, can bring in $100,000 to $200,000 in new annual revenue.

Are You a Good Fit for ISI Partnership?

A typical partner is an experienced and trusted company that offers some or all of these services:

  • Implements effective cloud, virtualization, and consolidation solutions
  • Provides hosting, managed services, and internet services
  • Offers commercial software, hardware, and storage solutions
  • Maintains and monitors complex IT environments for clients of all sizes

Successful partners deliver highly reliable products and services that meet their clients’ needs. And at the same time, they keep the IT systems and business applications running efficiently as possible.

Why Snapshot?

Snapshot is a lightweight and portable discovery and inventory software application suite that takes a comprehensive inventory of complex physical, virtual, and cloud IT environments. It can also track down all hardware components including SAN switches, storage arrays, routers, and other switches.

As all service providers know, the key to a successful cloud project lies in knowing what a client has (files, systems, structure, and more) and what they want to accomplish. Snapshot catalogs operating systems, infrastructure interdependencies, network device configurations, network traffic flow patterns, and software application workloads and independencies. The suite takes a safe, read-only, agentless, holistic, and multi-threaded approach to map a company’s complete network.

Snapshot gives you a fast and easy way to show your clients what the cloud can provide them and how to minimize their costs. It works with all cloud suppliers and has been proven with both large and small environments. Snapshot automates what otherwise can be a laborious, manual task.

Inventory and discovery applications have a tendency to cause major outages that can affect doing business. Snapshot leaves virtually no footprint on the hardware or network, and it quickly serves up the needed data. In fact, Snapshot has never taken down a server or application.

How Will Your Clients Benefit from Snapshot?

“Lightweight” applies only to the coding and requirements for Snapshot—because it’s a heavyweight champ in delivering value to your clients. Companies can use Snapshot for:

  • Cloud capacity planning
  • Server utilization and consolidation
  • System software version/release, service pack and patch/hotfix auditing, installation, and policy compliance reporting
  • Technical architecture and configuration planning and design
  • Technology infrastructure upgrade and migration analysis, planning, architecture, and design

Snapshot makes moving to the cloud easy, and ISI partners who work in cloud migration say that Snapshot matches well with their product and service offerings. ISI invests in its partners and can help with lead generation.

The partnership program requires the right fit as we want to set up you up for success. Determining partnership potential depends on your products, services, and customer base. To find out more and see if your company and ISI would make great partners, please contact me at

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